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Our Social Investment Initiatives

Although we strive to align our practices to KING IV principles, SIOC-CDT social investment initiatives are not a mere tick box for compliance. They are an integral part of SIOC-CDT’s commitment to sustainable community development and enhancing the Trust’s reputation as a responsible corporate citizen and valued partner in the communities where it operates.


Our social investment initiatives contribute to building a “strong and positive brand grounded on social impact” over and above our stakeholder engagement activities and long term projects. 

Our social investment initiatives

Mandela Day 


In 2020 we embarked on 2 initiatives in the Joe Morolong area to assist the 28-member Pitsonyane family. Almost half of the family lives with disabilities. We assisted by drilling a water borehole and installing a JOJO tank to provide access to clean water. In addition, we built wheelchair ramps, painted the house, donated blankets and to increase sustainability, built a vegetable garden accompanied by donation of the necessary gardening equipment.

For the second initiative, we assisted a centre, the Tshedimosetso Bagodi Chub Community Project in Dinokaneng Village in Joe Morolong. The centre focuses on providing food, health and other social improvement services for the elderly. It currently caters for 26 elderly residents under Ba Ga Shupimg jurisdiction. We donated blankets, procured vegetable seeds and gardening materials and erected a fence around the centre and garden.


In 2019 we refurbished the Emanuel Day Care Center, a disability center in Wrenchville in the Ga-Segonyana Local Municipality. The centre burnt down in 2018 due to lightning.

Over and above the provision of building materials, the team served by painting, cleaning, playing educational games and caretaking for all of the 33 children.

Sanitary towels project 


The overall goal of this project is to distribute sanitary pads to young women from identified schools in the JTG, Tsantsabane and Thabazimbi municipalities to help them attend school and perform at their best during their cycle.

 The specific project objectives include:

  1. To minimise the number of days girls missed going to school by providing them with sanitary pads;
  2. To demystify menstruation and to tackle the stigma that it’s a curse;
  3. To empower young women to participate in their daily activities effectively and to meaningfully contribute to their communities; and
  4. To decrease the psycho-social challenges many young women face in the rural areas.
  • (Joe Morolong) Pako Middle School (ongoing from 2018)
  • (Joe Morolong) Kopano Middle School (ongoing from 2018)
  • (Tsantsabane) Assmang  Primary school (2019)
  • (Tsantababe) HTT Bidi Primary school (2019)
  • (Gamagara) Maikaielelo Primary School (2020)
  • (Ga-Segonyana) Relekile Primary School (2020)
  • (Joe Morolong) Tongwane Middle school (2020)
  • (Ga-Segonyana) Vlakfontein Primary school (2020)
  • (Tsantsabane) Agang Thuto Primary (2020)
  • (Joe Morolong) K S Shuping High school (2020)

Shoe project 


This programme aims to reach 335 learners and provide them with shoes. There are many learners that miss school due to a lack of shoes and we want to provide these and encourage high performance and motivation.

This programme is across the beneficiary communities in the JTG, Tsantsabane and Thabazimbi municipalities, predominately Joe Morolong due to the vastness of the area.

The SIOC-CDT team worked with local government, local development partners and the Department of Education to identify schools with a high rate of children in need of school shoes. Funding requests from community members who saw a need in certain schools but didn’t have resources to intervene were also considered.

335 pairs of shoes have been distributed

11 schools were visited at a rate of two per day

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SIOC-CDT's primary goal is to implement sustainable socio-economic initiatives through partnering with key stakeholders to ensure that beneficiary communities have sustainable income and are empowered to thrive beyond the lifespan of the mine.

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