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The Re a Fola Health Promotion Project, provided through three mobile clinics, revolves around the three fixed healthcare establishments in Postmasburg (Boichoko, Postdene and Postmasburg) and five mobile points in rural Tsantsabane (Jenn Haven, Groen Water, Skeyfontein 1 & 2, Maremane and Groen Water Station villages) providing comprehensive primary health care services and wellness programmes. Once a month (for a week) in each visit, Boichoko, Postdene and Postmasburg clinics are visited on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, respectively. On Thursday and Friday, the visits rotate from one village to the next, with two villages a week until all the villages have been visited/completed.

The mobile clinic provides eyecare services, dental services, physio-therapy, deworming services, pap smear, amongst other things.

During the launch of the 2nd leg of the programme (Re a Fola 2.0) in August 2019, a dental chair was installed and donated at the Postmasburg Hospital.

Motivation and Desired Outcomes

  • Screen 20 people per visit for HIV/TB and enrol any positive cases on a treatment programme
  • Screen 20 women per visit for cervical cancer and treat any identified cases
  • Screen 30 people per visit and treat any eye condition especially preventable blindness condition and prescribe spectacle where necessary
  • Dental screening and extraction of teeth for the duration of the project
  • Conduct health promotion activities
  • Employ 3 local drivers for mobile clinics for the duration of the project


Summary of initiatives

  • Early cancer detection in women through PAP smears
  • Disease prevention alongside treatment services
  • Increase life expectancy
  • Decrease maternal and child mortality
  • Combating HIV/AIDS and decreasing the burden of Tuberculosis
  • Strengthening health system effectiveness

Since its inception in 2018 (first cycle), the project has screened:

Dental Beneficiaries

Extractions (head count)

Optical Ailments Screenings

Beneficiaries provided with spectacles

PAP smear screenings

HIV/Aids tests and counselling sessions done within the Tsantsabane Local Municipality                                     

Number of employed people: 3 drivers employed on a temporary contract for the duration of the project

About Us

SIOC-CDT's primary goal is to implement sustainable socio-economic initiatives through partnering with key stakeholders to ensure that beneficiary communities have sustainable income and are empowered to thrive beyond the lifespan of the mine.


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