Since its inception, SIOC-cdt has been offering bursaries to deserving young people from its beneficiary communities to study at various higher education institutions across the country. The Bursary Scheme provides a full value bursary that is paid directly to the academic institution and service providers of accommodation, books, and assistive devices. The students are given ongoing support by the bursary administrators to ensure their welfare and quality academic performance. This legacy project has seen 223 of these tertiary beneficiaries graduating since its inception with an additional 42 expected to graduate during 2017.


To contribute to the overall development and upliftment of the communities through the acquisition of higher level education outcomes as well as the development of higher level knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes amongst community members.


MARCH 2009




R 65 936, 338.00




The bursary projects have changed the lives of many underprivileged students. Many of them had to leave their homes in deep rural
areas to go and live and study in unfamiliar environments in the big cities where most universities are located. Some of the graduates
have been placed within SIOC-cdt’s main operational departments which are namely; Projects, Finance and Governance departments.


Keneilwe Letty Moagi,

Mechanical Engineering

Thank you for your generous and financial support towards my higher education. Growing up in a low-income background family and being raised by a single parent has not only provided me with a financial and academic problems, but has made me realise the value of higher education. This bursary has made a positive impact on my life in pursuing my career goal. My dream is to become a mechanical engineer, the financial support that am receiving has allowed me to be one step closer to my goal. I would not have made it this far without generous support from a sponsor like you. I appreciate all the things you have done for me. I hope you will continue in helping students that are less fortunate  in achieving their goals. You do make a huge difference in one’s lifeand am grateful for that. Thank you.

Jonas Elias, Public administration and governance,

North-West University

The Bursary Scheme has benefited me a lot as my mother is a single parent and she is unemployed. The Trust is paying for everything that covers my studies, without the bursary I would not be studying, I am now studying towards my honours degree. I can see that now I am close to reaching my dreams, therefore am very grateful and I thank you as my sponsors. Thank you.

Rorisang Roderick Raokwe,

Cape Peninsula University of Technology

My father passed away in the year 2003 and my mother is unemployed. As I grew up nothing was promising and I was slightly falling astray until I passed my matric. JTG Developmental Trust came to my rescue and at least I feel restored. I was awarded a bursary by JTG Developmental Trust in 2014, which covered my admission fee, tuition fees and accommodation, including a monthly allowance. I started appreciating conditions at home and made a promise to bring about a positive impact in my family and as well as my society. It is very vibrant and inspiring to see my dream come true. Every time I feel exhausted I think about the opportunity that I have of which someone out there is really looking for. I have learnt that tenacity, endurance, and perseverance are the major principles of victory. With great support from JTG Developmental Trust, I am positive about my future and I am willing to use this opportunity wisely. Sincerely,

Phenyo, Metallurgical Engineering,

Vaal University of Technology

I’m currently on my first year of studies of Metallurgical Engineering at Vaal University of Technology. I am more than grateful to have been awarded the GDF bursary and the opportunities it presented. I will continue to work hard and make sure that I pass all my modules exceptionally well, because I don’t want to disappoint GDF after all their efforts in ensuring that I was happy and comfortable. My dream is to plough back to the community of Gamagara Local Municipality (GLM) by working for one of the mines in the GLM, and maybe one day work Kumba Iron Ore because it has always been my dream. Thank you.