SIOC-cdt’s philosophy for social investments in the various communities is informed by a combination the provisions of the Trust Deed and insights emanating from community participation exercises carried out on an annual basis. Until 2014, our model covered all focus areas as recommended by the Income Tax Act for PBOs.

Following the suspension of dividend (by SIOC), our focus areas were reduced to health, education and enterprise development to allow the Trust to focus on high impact projects using available cash reserves. The model further evolved when the Board of Trustees approved our current organisational strategy, which promoted the Trust’s mandate, to include commercialisation of certain activities. This involves collaborating with like-minded institutions in the development space but also marketing our capabilities for the same purpose to the corporate sector. We are confident that this strategy, driven through OPSCO, will ensure growth and sustainability of the Trust’s mandate of social and economic upliftment of our communities, even without the dividend and beyond the life of mine.