SIOC-cdt is governed by a Board of Trustees and the framework for its operations is prescribed in the Trust Deed. The Board of Trustees is ultimately responsible for the governance of the Trust and for guiding the strategic direction of the Trust.

The SIOC-cdt Board comprises of eleven (11) Trustees and an independent Chairman. Members of the Board include community and donor representatives as well as independent trustees to ensure the promotion of beneficiary interests. The Board of Trustees holds four (4) regular meetings a year to discuss, in the main, the business strategy and to agree on the spending plans for forthcoming years as well as the delivery of social impact projects to be funded by the Trust.

The governing documentation of the Trust includes the Trust Deed that clarifies the powers and duties of Trustees, the mandate and objectives of the Trust.

Governance of the Trust is effected through well-developed structures and processes that flow from and to the Board of Trustees. The Board is overall responsible for governance of the Trust but has, in line with principles of good corporate governance, delegated some of powers to various committees which have been mandated to focus on specific areas of the Board’s mandate.